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Retro kerosene Lighter fire starter plastic case lighter Simple cigarette lighter Gift for men

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Product Name: Kerosene Lighter
Colour: Black
Material: plastic + metal
Size: about 55 * 35 * 12mm
Weight: about 50g
Fuel type: kerosene
Package includes: 1*Lighter (no kerosene)
Note: The lighter in the package does not carry kerosene. Please add before use.

Use and precautions:
1. When using, as the Kerosene content of the product decreases and the ambient temperature changes, the flame height will change to a certain extent. This is a normal phenomenon, you can adjust the flame height moderately; The gasoline lighter should control the flame height by adjusting the height of the ignition wick.
2. After refueling all kinds of lighters, wait at least one minute for normal use.
3. Please stay away from children; do not pierce or throw a lighter, do not throw it into the fire;
Please use it in a ventilated environment and pay attention to flammable materials.

Sale price USD $1.60 Regular price USD $16.00