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New Ultra Thin Gold Plating Shell Dust Guard Metal Film Sticker Iron Shavings Protective Cover

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The thickness of the plate is 0.04mm. Experience use of the case with the Dust Guard installed.
It may be hard and take some time to align the stickers on AirPods, however the AirPods Dust Guard is made of metal which can be installed easier and cleaner than any other similar products on the market.
The guard acts as a buffer between your case and the metallic dust that accumulates over time.
The guard can easily be exchanged out if needed.
Did you know? There are nine magnets in the AirPods Case that can gather a lot of iron/metal dust over time
1) Attach the bottom sticker by aligning it with the LED indicator light.
2) Place the top sticker upside down on the bottom sticker so that the adhesive side faces upwards on the body portion.
3) Close lid over the upward facing dust guard so that it sticks perfectly to cap once shut.

* Easy install & easy replacement
* Made of metal plate
* 18K Gold Plating
* 0.04mm Thickness

Package included:
1 set metal dust guard
(only metal plate, airpods or others not included)

Sale price USD $1.60 Regular price USD $40.00