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NEW Rechargeable LED Dog Collar USB Rechargeable Glowing Dog Collars Luminous Pet Led Flash Night USB Charging Collars for Small Medium Large Dog

Sale price USD $12.50 Regular price USD $45.00

size S 35CM

  • S 35CM
  • M 50CM
  • L 70CM
  • S

color Blue

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Yellow

This dog collar features a mini USB port for a new look. The internal use of a set of rechargeable batteries, compared with ordinary batteries, low energy consumption and environmental protection.

1. Safer, when the night is active, the light collar can let the passing vehicles see the pets. When the power is sufficient, the visibility can reach 500 meters to avoid hidden dangers.

2. More fashionable, switch control, fast flash, slow flash, constant three mode selection.

3. It can be cut short, and it can be cut according to the actual size of the pet. It does not affect the light and makes the pet wear more comfortable.

4. Rechargeable, USB data cable can be directly charged, no need to spend money to buy a battery.

5. Many styles to meet individual needs,


1. Made of high quality rubber material, it is non-toxic, hygienic and durable.

2. Use high-quality energy-saving LED lights to reduce power consumption.

3. Designed with USB and rechargeable batteries. It can also be charged or plugged into a computer USB port for longer life. It is very economical and practical compared to ordinary batteries.

4. The manual switch has 3 light setting modes: slow flash, fast flash and steady light. Suitable for pets to walk at night for safety or warning.

5. Sufficient length for your dog. There is enough length (35cm/50cm/70cm). You can cut the length that suits your pet.

6. Only with enough power, its visibility can reach 500 meters.


1. Condition: 100% new brand

2. Material: PVC+ABS+TPU light guide plate

3. Collar: S 35cm/M 50cm/L 70cm

4. Width: 1cm

5. Style: Rechargeable LED dog collar with USB

6. Built-in battery: 80 mA, 3.7 volts, polymer lithium battery. Normal light for 6 hours, fully charged for 2 hours.

7. 3 lamp setting mode: slow flash, fast flash, steady light

8. Color: pink, blue, yellow, red, green, 5 colors


1 x LED flash collar
1 x USB cable

Sale price USD $12.50 Regular price USD $45.00