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Luvkis Back-Flow Prevention Douche Washing Before Or After Play Safe Cleaning Kit

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About the product:
1. Back Flow Prevention. Luvkis douche is designed with two one-way valves built in the tip and in the bottom of the douche. When you squeeze the water in the bulb, the base valve will close tightly to prevent water leakage while the built-in valve in the tip will open up for fluids flushing into . When pressure releasing, valve in the tip closes immediately so that spouting water won’t flow back. Meanwhile the air will pop open the base valve and enter into the bulb. Until both inside and outside air pressure gets a balance, the valve closes again to keep the water from leaking out.

2. Good Sealing. The smooth nozzle is seamlessly inserted with the silicone bulb. It may require some effort to fully insert the tip into the bulb when you get ready to use it.

3. Safe and Reusable. The douche comes with two parts. One is the smooth tip that goes into your butt, made of ABS material which is featured with a high impact strength. Another is where the water goes, body safe silicone material.

4. Large Capacity Bottle. The enema bulb is available to fill 250mlwater with 3mm bottle thickness.

5. Anti-skid Bottle Design. The textured circles on the bottle keep it from sliding during usage.

How to use the anal douche?
Step 1: Take apart of the tip and bottle.
Step2: Fill the bottle with water. Tap water is fine, but it is recommended to use warm water to clean that make you comfortable in the butt.
Step3: Screw the tip on the top and apply a little bit of lube to the tip. So that it goes in smooth.
Step 4: Stick the tip of the douche up your butt and squeeze the water into it.
Step5: Get certain amount of water into the butt that feels comfortable. Sit on the toilet and give you 30s to release all the water.
Step6: Repeat the whole program at least one more time to ensure the water runs clear.

How to clean Luvkis cleaning kits?
Luvkis douche is offered with a ejector pin and brush for the benefit of cleaning the nozzle.
Firstly, use the ejector pin to get the valve plug out.
Secondly, clean the nozzle with water and brush.
Finally, wash the plug thoroughly.

Capacity: 250ml
Total Length of Tip: 98mm
Inner Diameter of Tip: 3mm
External Diameter of Tip: 7mm
Height of Bottle: 95mm
Thickness of Bottle: 3mm

Package Include
Luvkis douche *1
Ejector pin * 1
Cleaning Brush * 1
Thank-you care * 1

Sale price USD $3.20 Regular price USD $29.00