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Halloween Cosplay Prop Halloween Party Masquerade Props Denture Resin Denture Vampire Zombie Denture

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  • Only Denture-13mm
  • Only Denture-15mm
  • Only Denture-17mm
  • Only Denture-19mm
  • 1 Set-13mm
  • 1 Set-15mm
  • 1 Set-17mm
  • 1 Set-19mm

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  • one color
product information
Product category: makeup costume props
Type of prop: denture
material: plastic
Size: 13mm, 15mm, 17mm, 19mm
Packing quantity: Only Vampire Denture Or 1 Set (Included Solid Teeth glue& Tweezer)

Method of Use
1. Place the white fixed wax into the socket of the resin retainer.
2. Soak the resin braces and fixed wax with tweezers in hot water about 70-80 degrees for about 15-30 seconds to soften the fixed wax.
(be careful not to use boiling water or boiling water, as this will spoil the fixed wax and render it unusable)
3. Put the resin braces into your mouth and gently bite the resin braces with the help of your hands. The soft wax is pressed by the teeth to adjust the shape in the user's mouth and match the tooth shape to stabilize the shape.
4. If the styling effect is not good, repeat the styling until satisfactory.
5. After each use, rinse with clean water and dry in the sun.

Sale price USD $0.60 Regular price USD $25.00