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Gadgets Fashion USB Photocatalyst Mosquito killer lamp Mosquito Repellent Bug Insect Trap light UV Light Killing Trap Lamp Fly Repeller

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Adopted quality material, this mosquito killer lamp has long service life.
Use the artificial light source to trap mosquito, use the upgrade airflow vortex system strong suction mosquitoes, three-dimensional surround, three-dimensional trapping.
This lamp is powered by USB cable.
The lamp in small size and light weight is easy to carry around.
Suitable to be used in bedroom, kitchen, living room and other outdoor activities.

Correct Use
1. In the bedroom, use mosquitoes to be turned on (at least three hours). Do not open until you sleep.
2. It is better to use in an unmanned environment, because people's body temperature and odor can attract mosquitoes and avoid affecting the use effect.
3. This product uses physical mosquito killing method, so mosquito killing can kill mosquitoes immediately.
4. Check the mosquito storage box at least 24 hours later. We use physical mosquito killing. The mosquitoes die by air drying and dehydration. Therefore, the process takes a certain amount of time. Do not open it frequently to avoid the dead mosquitoes from escaping.
5. For the first time, please use it for more than 48 hours. Please close the doors and windows during the daytime use, and pull up the curtains to ensure that it is used in a dark environment. Try to place it at a height of about 1 meter above the ground. Do not open the lights/open doors and windows. Place it in the air outlet of the air conditioner or electric fan. When killing mosquitoes, please turn off other lights to ensure that the mosquito killer is the only light source.

Type: Mosquito Killer Lamp
Material: ABS
Quantity: 1pc
Color: Black,White
Material: Plastic
Rated Voltage: DC12V
Rated Power: 7W
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Using Range: 20 - 50 ㎡
Size: 12*12*8.5cm

1* Mosquito Killer Lamp
1*USB Cable

Sale price USD $6.00 Regular price USD $112.00