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Electric Stimulate Tool Women Remote Control USB Rechargeable Massage Relax Toys for Female Happy Life

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Product Characteristics:

1. Cover your partner's eyes, and the probe slides and feels nervous in the sensitive part of the body. Excitement? The nipple, clitoris, vagina, G-spot, glans and tongue make the feeling of numbness. Adult games, foreplay flirting essential products

2, intensity has 1-9 stalls, 1 AA batteries (5), batteries can be replaced.

3, the whole electric rod is a whole, no power box is needed.

Product Parameters :
Power Supply : DC1.5V
Battery : 1 x AA battery section(Not Include)
Output : 3.7V : 300mA 50mA
Strength : 1-9 Files

Package included:
1 x Host
2 x Metal head
1 x Mask

Note :

1, after use, please press back to the '0' button, and 5 seconds later, it will automatically extinguish.

2, there are acute diseases, malignant tumors, pregnant women, serious heart disease, abnormal blood pressure.

Sale price USD $2.20 Regular price USD $376.00