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Car Interior Cleaning Foam Dry Cleaner Stains Remover Auto Interior Detailing

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HGKJ No.13&No.21 are car interior cleaner(No.21 have foam)

Specification 1:No.21----Car Interior Foam Dry Cleaner

Tips for using:
1. Squeeze the foam onto the stain and wait 1-2 minutes;
2. Wipe with wet HGKJ Sucking Dirt Sponge or brush or towel in one direction until clean

Package contents:
1*Interior Foam Dry Cleaner 50ml
1*HGKJ Sponge

Specification 2:No.13----Car Interior Cleaner(no foam)

Tips for using:
1.Dilute with water(1ml cleaner : 8ml water) ----20ml concentrate cleaner=180ml interior cleaner
2.Shake well and spray on the dirty place or spray on the sponge
3.Wipe down in one direction with the HGKJ sucking dirt sponge or towel until clean

Package contents:
1*Car Interior Cleaner 20ml/50ml
1*HGKJ Sponge

Sale price USD $1.60 Regular price USD $4.00