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5pcs/lot Face Expression Soak off Poly Gel UV Acryl Gel Set Quick Building Finger Extension Nail Gel Camouflage UV LED Hard Builder Tools

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Item Name:poly gel
colors:white /clear /cover pink/milk white/rose pink/natural pink/soft pink
lamp:UV&LED lamp
package :1 set poly gel repair tools with poly gel

How to use the Poly Gel?

1)washing hands, wiping nail with nail file and buffing sponge bar.
2)put on the nail form.
3)brush a thin layer primer gel,curing 2-3minutes with uv/led lamp.
4)use the nail pen to brush a camouflage hard jelly uv builder extend gel,curing 2-3 minutes with lamp.
5)adjust the nail shape with buffing sponge bar .
6)brush a layer color gel,curing 2-3 minutes with lamp.
6)brush a thin layer topcoat gel,curing 2-3 minutes with lamp.
7)pour off the cleaser plus on the cotton, Wipe nail surface with cotton to get perfect shining .
8)if you want to remove it,pour off the remover on the cotton and wipe nail.

Sale price USD $2.00 Regular price USD $6.00