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48 Color Art Pencil Water-soluble Painting Pencil Design Lead Packaging 1PCS Random Color

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size 1pcs random colors

  • 1pcs random colors

color one color

  • one color
Children can use their color lead to draw their favorite works to have a happy childhood and enjoy painting.

Water-soluble colored pencils are also known as watercolor pens. Its core is soluble in water. When it hits the water, the color will bloom. It can achieve a transparent watercolor effect.

The water soluble colored pencil has two functions: it has the same effect as an oil colored pencil before being immersed in water. But when immersed in water, it will become like a watercolor pen, bright and soft.

Features: Ultra-slip, colorful, suitable for children over three years old.

Color: random color
Packing: 1 pencil

Sale price USD $5.00 Regular price USD $29.00