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35000RPM 1500/2500W Aluminum/ABS Plastic Electric Wood Trimmer Grinder Milling Trimmer Cutter Polishing Woodworking DIY Tool EU/AU/US/UK Plug

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  • 220V/UK 1500W ABS Plastic
  • 220V/AU 1500W ABS Plastic
  • 220V/EU 1500W ABS Plastic
  • 110V/US 1500W ABS Plastic
  • 220V/UK 2500W ABS Plastic
  • 220V/AU 2500W ABS Plastic
  • 220V/EU 2500W ABS Plastic
  • 110V/US 2500W ABS Plastic
  • 220V/UK 1500W Aluminum
  • 220V/AU 1500W Aluminum
  • 220V/EU 1500W Aluminum
  • 110V/US 1500W Aluminum
  • 220V/UK 2500W Aluminum
  • 220V/AU 2500W Aluminum
  • 110V/US 2500W Aluminum
  • 220V/EU 2500W Aluminum

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  • one color
110v/220V 2500w/1500W router

Package Included:
- 1 x Wood Electric Trimmer(110v/220V 2500w/1500W Aluminum/ABS Plastic OPTIONAL )
- 2 x Wrenches
- 1 x Trimmer Guide Assembly
- 1 x Straight Guide Assembly

Trimmer Features:
- Can be used for wooden processing, cabinet processing, handicraft production and DIY. Easy to wood trimming, grooving and drilling.
- Transparent base, processing accuracy easily recognizable.
- External carbon brush, universal carbon brush easy to replace.
- The scale is clearly visible, easy to operate.
- Lift knob, the knife scale can be adjusted.
- Dressing guide, roller running along the curve,ensuring cutting is exact. Curve processing fine.
- Straight guide, thicker models are stable and not deformed. Straight processing is stable.

Trimmer Specifications:
- Frequency: 50HZ
- Collet Diameter: 1/4

Sale price USD $3.00 Regular price USD $100.00