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1pcs Popper 5 Colors Fishing Artificial Lures Fishing Tackle Lifelike Fishing Lure Swimbait Crankbait Hard Bait 3D 8cm 12g

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1) Excellent Performance
2) High Resolution Body Detail
3) Holographic or Highly Detailed Paint Finishes
4) Balance Rattle System
5) Premium Hooks & 3D Eyes
The surface is reactive bait and will not sink.Splash on the surface of the water, using sound and vibration to attract the attention of fish.The ability to tease fish is very strong!It is important to note that when a fish bites a Popper, most of the time it will also cause a splash, which will cause the fisherman to pay no attention!The head of this kind of road subdivision is bigger, be in commonly concave or inclined plane, come to bump water surface to stir up splash with this, the head of wave prostrate is light the foot is heavy, when be in the water static, be on the head foot inclined shape floats.Can catch the most upper-middle-class freshwater predatory fish, such as fresh water become warped lips Bo, Gan fish, sea bass, sea sea silver carps, seven stars bass, etc.

Sale price USD $0.40 Regular price USD $5.00