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1PC 6ML Body Wart Treatment Papillomas Removal of Warts Liquid From Skin Tags Removing Against Moles Remover Anti Verruca Remedy 6ml

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・ Removes Genital Warts, Moles, Skin Tags with approx 1-4 Applications (old or stubborn growths may need more)
・ Posted in a Plain Package with No Description - Purchase Will Not Appear on Medical Records
・ Works on Many Types of Warts, Moles and Skin Tags, and on All Skin Types / Tones - Not for use on internal growths
・ No embarrassing clinic visit and you'll have plenty of solution for future use
This bottle will treat 100+ small growths

The skin has 3 sections, The Epidermis, Dermis, and Subcutaneous layer. The outer surface layer are dead skin cells, whereas the deeper layers are living tissue that contains oil glands, hair follicles, capillaries, and melanin (skin's colour). Blue Belle's Wart, Mole, and Skin Tag Remover removes only outer layers of skin where warts, moles, age spots, and discolouration's reside. The solution creates a controlled burn that causes exfoliation (peeling) of the outer skin, removing skin growths and imperfections. New clear skin is then revealed.

After applying this to moles, warts, skin-tags and genital warts some people may be left with a slight pink scar. This should fade and return to the normal skin colour but can take up to 3 months, and up to 6 months for dark skin. Should you pick it while it is healing it can leave a permanent scar or take longer to heal.

Package includes: 1pc* Skin Tag Remover (with/without box)

Sale price USD $5.00 Regular price USD $29.00